Below are some frequently asked questions that we've answered as best we can. If you're still unsure of something, don't hesitate to click the 'Message Us' button at the bottom right of your screen and you can get in touch with us directly ;)

BOTH! It will hold ice-cold water and boiling water. Not a problem (you can even hold the glass with your hand without causing any harm).

Approx 90-120mins with the lids on and 30mins with The Well open.

It’s super tough, but that doesn't mean it's invincible! It shouldn't break when dropped from low heights but we wouldn't recommend throwing it around.

There is no need! The strainer is attached to the lid (depending how you configure it) but you can drink from either end.

It sure does. It’s custom made with hessian exterior, neoprene interior and a handy drawstring.

Not a great idea! The seals on your Decanter are not made for refrigerated temperatures and may cause our lovely vessel to leak.

Yes we do! If you live in the USA, we even ship directly from Amazon!

Yes. We offer FREE shipping Australia wide!